When you choose Empire Accounting Solutions, you benefit from the wisdom that comes with past experience, delivered via the technology of the future.

business womenTrack Record

Empire Accounting Solutions was founded more than 20 years ago. Our founding partner brings to each client the wisdom gained from more than 30 years of experience. We understand the challenges you face, because we have successfully addressed these challenges before.


Clients count on us for timely, accurate reporting and sound financial advice. We become valued members of a client’s business team. We educate clients on proper accounting procedures, spot potential problems and recommend the appropriate solutions.

The Added Value of “Next Generation” Accounting

We harness the power of the Internet to add even more value to client relationships, saving you time, money and manpower with a paperless process and data that is always available online.

What are the benefits of outsourcing CFO, Bookkeeping & Accounting functions?

  • Increase Profits: The #1 reason to outsource any function is that it makes economic and operating sense. You must realize some value. We believe your firm will realize increased profits by using our services. You will receive timely and accurate financial information, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on the fundamentals of your business. We partner with our clients to not only provide timely financial information, but also to analyze your information, so that you can be proactive in making good operational decisions.
  • Time: As an entrepreneur, you have many demands on your time. You must decide the best allocation of limited resources. This is especially true in the early stages of a business when budgets are tight and there are many demands on a small staff. Outsourcing your bookkeeping and accounting function will relieve you of the time consuming and expensive process of interviewing, hiring and managing bookkeepers, accountants, a controller and/or a CFO.
  • Labor & Overhead Savings: By outsourcing your accounting functions, you will not only realize personnel cost savings; you will also save on employer taxes, insurance, vacation, holiday and sick days, the cost of additional office space and senior management time to manage this department.
  • Efficiency: You will not have to worry about time-consuming updates to each computer work station, the inevitable computer malfunctions, networking problems or other IT issues inherent to an in-house bookkeeping and accounting operation.
  • Systems & Procedures: Empire Accounting Solutions has developed systems and procedures to streamline the accounting process. Adherence to these standards and practices creates consistency and accountability and ensures that your monthly financial statements are timely and accurate.
  • Fixed Monthly Fee: Empire Accounting Solutions will analyze your financial information needs and develop the scope of work needed to provide your business with the scope of services you desire. We will provide these services to your business at a fixed monthly fee.
  • Data security and back-up: Few small businesses back up their data on a regular basis, and even fewer store their data off-site. Our hosting company provides Tier III Data Centers, able to withstand fires, earthquakes and hurricanes, with redundancy back-up on both coasts. Your accounting data (QuickBooks) is stored on servers in an SAS70 data center with 24x7x365 on-site management, restricted access and continuously monitored surveillance. The data center is self-contained, with redundant climate control and fire suppression, UPS-redundant battery back-up with diesel generator for prolonged local power outages, 12-inch thick poured concrete walls, reinforced earthquake-resistant ceiling, and three-foot raised flooring for under-floor cooling and ventilation Your records are secure, backed up, and always available when you need them. Your accounting data and documents can only be accessed by Empire Accounting Solutions personnel and your designated staff members.

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